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Stairway to Heaven [2023] (Digital Download)

Stairway to Heaven [2023] (Digital Download)

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Stairway to Heaven is the expression of the dissonance between a severely elevated high and a void filled low. At the time I was in the midwest, and I did what I believed to be acid from a group of people I trusted, later to learn I shouldn't have. The night lasted 22 hours and realistically I'm still remembering some of it as time goes on. Weirdly enough, I was awake the entire trip. Somehow I feel I'm still there and I just haven't snapped out of it yet. 

This is part one of this story. 

released: September 13, 2023
producers: kino_, DirtyGaugez, tkdwn, Kmado, Caleb Fesco, Raw Stiles, Eahwee
features: Cunty MeMe, Syd Franklin, Chowerman, YGPanik, Jimmy the Prophet
engineer: Airospace
format: wav

label: space culture collective 2023

Tired of paying streaming services? Wish you owned your own copy of the new Airospace album? Lucky for you SCR digital downloads are available for your repeated listening pleasure.

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