If this is the only way to reach your heart, with this I do my best. Through the ashes of loss, I've searched subconsciously for the definition of love, understanding, resolution. Disillusion at its finest, I've considered the possibility of a alternative where the space I yearn for most remains unscathed and unaffected - to no avail. Maybe the values I melded with are much harder to secede from than I believed. In nostalgia, I've mourned the days of silence as over time, the gears in my clock begin to creak and slow down. With this wish I endure and proceed to indulge in the hope that this brochure of mind and heart will guide you through my perspective of the aforementioned and lead to true humanization. In this transition from one stage of being to the next, I'm here to tell you my truth. Care isn't within the bracket of question. Acknowledgement changes not the infinitely tangible. Upon the end of my journey I've begged the question to those I've crossed paths with on my travel, and ultimately to myself:

Who Would Love YOU?