In short form,

Airospace is an artist, musician and polaroid photographer with a knack for creating multidimensional raps for the people still living in the BPM of sensitivity. If their thought provoking lyrics and elevated, layered beats weren’t enough to bring catharsis - their vocal range is sure to invite the most hesitant and unlikely listener. Born and raised through the traumas of the trenches in Southeast DC, Airospace has made the most beautiful of their harsh reality with the medicine of honest expression. Co-founder of duo Samurai Outlaw and star drummer for now defunct Louder than Quiet, they continue to pursue knowledge and press the boundaries of music. Airospace has established an encyclopedia of accolades and relationships with many highly respected entities inclusive of but not limited to; Travie McCoy, Flying Lotus as well as a partnership with well respected beverage company Sprite. It all leads back to one thing evident in their self sufficiency - consistency and authenticity.

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