Yes I love Bakemongatari

Yes I love Bakemongatari

If you're a veteran Airospace fan then you already know what my top anime is. Been a hot minute since I've discussed anything from the hitagi series of mixtapes, but I feel today would be a good day to revisit - especially since the anniversary of vol. 1, 2, 3, Hanekawa & 4 are coming up. 

If you AREN'T familiar, then I guess this would be a good time to introduce by the anime, and my music projects to you.

Lets start with the anime this character is from, Bakemonogatari. 


Bakemongatari has had a huge impact on my personal life, not just because of my love for anime but my relation to the characters, the development, the stories, and the presentation of the author's intentions and feelings - the mental. It feels bipolar, erratic, intelligent and creative - it feels like me. 

Senjougahara became the recurring title for my projects because of how her character shows up in the main/sub character Araragi's life 

I'm going to just be forward and tell you that this probably isn't telling you shit about anything but for the RECORD this is an incredible work of art and once you watch it, my projects will make more sense.

And in the event you don't feel like diving that deep into it because you're "not an anime fan" or something like that then just skip over this and listen to Oscillation.



I almost forgot to plug my own music lmao

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