I don't think I've been in the same place for more than a week over the past few months, and I honestly don't see it stopping any time soon. Not that there isn't some time in it for me, but we on the grindset. Things usually happen when you least expect it and there's a beauty and wizardry in being over prepared so that when things do happen, you got it in the bag. 


I tend to overthink alot.


To some this is a super power - you know, everything in moderation. Then there are the times your brain is being bombarded with old new and present information all of which fatally contribute to the impending crash of indecision. Somehow this feels like an excuse to not be more assertive in managing the thoughts, but at the same time it feels like I'm being too hard on myself.

In traveling you have alot of time alone (if you are alone) and time to think, process, revisit, nostalgia, the present. I've been to Romania, Germany, Bolivia and Jamaica in my life time - with a sprinkle of passing over Venezuela and stopping in Poland. Now I'm headed to understand my roots in Grenada, my mothers island. Her birthplace, her home. 


We didn't really have much time to get to know each other through circumstances, but in the couple months we've spent together throughout my life time and in the changes/ issues I undertake with myself, I feel I get a bit closer to her. 

I think at this point I'm just rambling to fill space

I talk wayyyy too fucking much

But this feels nice - reminds of when Nujabes would frequent my myspace blog.

So many stories to tell 

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