dear diary who would love you pt. 1

dear diary who would love you pt. 1

I'll apologize for the rambling in advance. 

I think over the years, from "Laughing in the Faces of Tragedy (self produced 2007 Myspace release) to now "You're a Liar and you Suck Who Would Love You?" (2022) its been a wild run. There are alot of things in between for falling apart and growth and I've simultaneously done both. In 2008 my mother passed in in 2010 my step father and god mother passed. It was around that time I met Big Lenbo and the homies affiliated (insert the shameless namedrop here) and began to start growing my sound more. In 2010 I released a mixtape named Distance of Separation that jumpstarted alot of the voices you hear in my music now. 

Lets jump back in the past a bit.
My first real moment being jarred by hip hop was when I heard Jay-Z for the first time. Hovi Baby became the anthem that rang through my ears when I took my jab at it for the first REAL time, the goal being to match that level of articulation and expression. I'm not sure why I felt so strongly about this song at the age of 11 but for some odd reason it became my blueprint. I was exposed to alot of music then, from Mahalia Jackson to the I Love Lucy soundtrack which turned into an obsession with gospel runs flipped samples and old movie dialogue. 

Jump back forward with the release of this album - for the first time in a while I feel I'm presenting a body of work that isn't just about me...persay. I think this compilation of perspectives creates a better understanding of even the world I exist in singular. Caleb Fesco, James, Sypooda, Rayokuza, Botsu, Anastasia Elliot, Kmado, Kino and Raw Stiles all came together to help me tell this story. My hope is that its received the way its presented. 

I'd like to go more in depth at another time but for now, thank you for listening, I hope you eventually purchase the album and I appreciate your support of my vision. Hopefully the world will be able to see it too. 

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