Airospace - Stuck in the Grind (Nipsey Hussle Freestyle)

Airospace - Stuck in the Grind (Nipsey Hussle Freestyle)

Rose my head from the ground Now niggas is dumb shook I’m sharing just one page You taking the whole book Staring at moms grave like when are we all good? My feeling hide in cranny and nook Fasho Shawty look Hop off the fire If you ain’t trying to cook I keep a chef Along the deck that stay shuffling woods Bitch I’m lit Gave her dick when she popped in hood A Nigga Stressed Somewhat vexed Now I’m lost in the world Got a text She gon vent The imposter that would Called collect You We’re my debt But i copped it in full Am I the best? Bet you could guess While I’m accosting them looks Yung I'll split your neck like ramsey chopping on wood Stuck in the grind Caught in my life This Sword formed in mind Distorted insides Drive 200 a mile The stories I climb Some Force thorns in my side And Other revive So what if I call quits? Heart been exhausted The money resolved Quick Cornered the pocket The sub of My dark Shit You niggas Just throw subs this dinner too salted Experience holds slugs Niggas just talk shit And bitches just fake love Niggas is toxic Loving supports drugs This government wont budge My hurt is exalted put em in hospice Crippler cross face Some wrestle with god shit Infinite heart space This love is sharp end Trading blows with the devil I’m setting the god in Hit the brake at the corner She making the car spin Ghosting off the steer Busting off at the will I’m 2pac and she Jada The crash is long trip Just catching balls with grenade I exhausted all and I stayed While you taking all that I gave We playing Abel and Cain The pain
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