Airospace - Churchill Downs (Jack Harlow Freestyle)

Airospace - Churchill Downs (Jack Harlow Freestyle)


Intimate Feelings here Cynicist now Lettermans Twenty bands Pentacles down Witch talk For some years now My religion was lost Traded in this faith For revenge at all cost Niggas switched Women lost It’s all part of the draw Sure I built Let it fall Failures part of the law I heard you trying real hard To slip back in the circle No comparison But cross like Venn diagrams Now imagine if your ethic Was at least above or equal You would still never catch up to the regal Whip up on yo ass like seagal It’s sad that you spend your convincing Cuz them actions never weigh in with your people And it’s easiest to lie to keep Your childishness at bay So they sucked into your either when they meet you You steady acting Michael Transforming everyday It’s A trifle in this window of the see through Big up on your ego then they leave soon Get a little bigger and they peep truth Promise I don’t need you I never did I rather be alone in a dome of vigilance Commitment ain’t the issue just the sentiment Momma always said I was a miracle The meadows were a terror dome A slave I’m talking literal We locked in West Virginia and it’s miserable I could go into the violence All the Times that I got raped But they dont care about a Nigga That’s been sold to an estate See I only eat the cake if I know they serving grapes Throwing fruits and I’mma bust them on your face And the bread is always straight Got enough to buy a wraith But not enough to not get caught up in the Chase Poured a fifth and smoked and eighth To Keep some memory in the banks For the war Case the lore is distorted And history reported Is resulting of strong arming by The privilege of the lighter nation Tune into my station They always me want stuck inside the basement Will never placement Thought I Saw god The night that I ODd Of course I wanna die To check if momma love me Exchanging on my other For bitches that may leave Anything or another I take what can catch speed What’s a relationship A void in consistency Faking all that time Like they into me Swiggitty Swiggert I been that niggert Why you talking you not even important So important you annoying Like a kid in the street Or a fibber when he swigger In the middle of speech

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