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redefining our space

redefining our space

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even though fairly impartial at first

I'm happy we took this trip

I think at the time I was mores against - everything. I knew you were trying, and I was trying too...trying very hard in the opposing direction. I'm stubborn, and I know we both know that, but I've grown since then.

it was a warm day - no it was a hot day, hotter than most days in the area and we came prepared. Water, snacks, music, gas

we're always prepared

maybe somehow we'd figure out how to fix this thing


I think so 


Polaroid taken by Airospace


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This memory is uniquely yours. Once you've purchased a photo, the view of my heart has eternally been transferred to you. Thank you.

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1x Galaxia Sticker
1x POL T-shirt

1x POL Print

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