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our little Honda

our little Honda

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"Why don't we just take a drive?"

Ok. Lets.

On a warm cathartic day we decided to hop in the car and find somewhere. Not anywhere in particular, just somewhere. Nature. We could stop, smoke, have a bit of conversation, and argue about where we're going to end up. Windows down, soft melodies and dark poetry found marriage in the sound waves.
Today we skipped  arguing. Today we talked like nothing mattered but the pain we endured and the knowhow to proceed past it. The sky was turquoise, the wind was light, the grass was a faded brown while the leaves of the trees pranced around in their green glory as if they know that they were what made the scene what it was. Everything was in tune. The tempo was right. The wheels spun while kissing the road as if they hadn't seen one another in decades. Down the winding road, through the contoured trees, the rotors and break pads high five and grind the vehicle to a halt.

"Lets go to the water"

Gave everything to to bow wrap and share this little Honda.

It'll take you far, whether I'm in the passenger side or not.


Polaroid taken by Airospace

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This memory is uniquely yours. Once you've purchased a photo, the view of my heart has eternally been transferred to you. Thank you.

Included in purchase:

1x Galaxia Sticker
1x POL T-shirt

1x POL Print

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