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if it could make sense

if it could make sense

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When I first thought about taking this trip, I was very skeptical - heavy anxiety and a building frustration in tandem with the reprieve of that this action would shift the course of events in my life - not just for me, but you as well 

It took what felt like a lifetime to bring this into a reality, which for all intents and purposes, already was 

When you feel you know something familiar, you gravitate to that direction in hopes to find a solace there, a bosom to rest upon, a time unchecked 

At some point I felt we were growing, spiraling upward towards the pinnacle 

Whether indecision or disarray I learned I have not what you do, and in learning a story expanding post half a decade I explored a land with which I would only return 

If you travelled to my home where my mind rests

As the story progresses, I’ll shed light on the minor connecting details among this quartet of photos 

A place where I was reborn and died again 



Polaroid taken by Airospace


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This memory is uniquely yours. Once you've purchased a photo, the view of my heart has eternally been transferred to you. Thank you.

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