Hello spvce cadets and welcome to Nebula!
before we begin, here are a few facts:

on various social platforms and to consolidate them in one space, averting
the issue of splitting attention

(note: if you prefer major media platforms, links will be provided below)

-Any system updates will be posted in sys# so if anything changes, that'll be the place to go for information.
thank you for taking your time to visit this side of planet Galaxia

please follow the main page upon joining


To meet the collective goals of our community, it’s important that all members feel safe and supported. To help everyone have the best possible experience, please take a look at our community guidelines:

Positive guidelines 
• please introduce yourself
• Feel free to post questions and start discussions
+treat others as you would treat them in real life
+communicate with respect
+respect the privacy of other community members
+utilize mentors, admin and community staff for support (will be indicated by a staff* tag)
+contact us directly with feedback /additions to guidelines , suggestions etc.

Rules and regulations of the NSFW boards:
-All NSFW post of any kind (memes included) are to be kept in the NSFW board
-Don’t share posts without permission
-Don’t share personal or private information
-No irrelevant messages

make sure things remain nice and organized.

In the event of someone violating these guidelines, we will take action to protect other members of the group. This might include a warning or in the event of extreme or repeat behavior, the member will be banned from the community. 
If you experience or witness any behavior that doesn’t follow our community guidelines, please contact us directly at [contact email]. All reports are kept confidential.

If you'd like to know the rules in detail, refer to:

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